Ghana Institute of Surveyors

Lawyer Sam Okudzeto, a member of the council of state, has charged licensed surveyors that, as professionals as they are, they ought to sit together as one body and put politics aside, for the interest and building of the country.

As the special guest of honour at the Ghana Institute of Surveyors’ (GhIS), Founders Day Lectures on August 28th, 2017, with the topic: The Three Vignettes of Surveyor V.B Amevordzie FGhis (PP), Lawyer Okudzeto said, surveyors are in a very unique profession because, no transaction relating to land can ever take place without the signature of a surveyor on its plan.


“Indeed, we say that, any lease which is more than 5 years old and there is no site plan attached to it and signed, is invalid by law. So that shows the very unique situation in which you are in,” he emphasized.

“But then, every unique situation curries its own burden. Because you can make or unmake, and so, utmost honesty is required if this country is to move forward.” Lawyer Sam Okudzeto called on licensed surveyors.

In his address, Surv. Edwin Addo-Tawiah, FGhIS, president, Ghana institution of surveyors said, the occasion funders day, is the first of its kind for the Institute.

According to him, the Governing Council under the Presidency of Surv. K.H. Osei-Asante, FGhIS In the year 2009, proposed February 28th as the Founders Day. It was then adopted and duly launched.

He therefore gave a brief history on the formation of the first Association of Surveyors in the Gold Coast (Ghana), that, it was formed in 1950, when, in June that year the Colonial Secretary gave permission for the establishment of the Association of Chartered Surveyors.

It consisted of Members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors of Great Britain then resident and practising in the Gold Coast. At first these were all expatriates, with a few students from the Gold Coast.

The Association next applied to the Council of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in London for authority to establish a Gold Coast Branch of the Institution. This was approved and the Association of Chartered Surveyors became the Gold Coast Branch of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in May, 1953.

In the establishment of the Ghana institution, the last Committee of the Ghana Branch of the RICS was elected into office, at the Annual General Meeting held on 28th February, 1969.

The Committee comprised the following:

1.Mr. S.H. Gadegbeku, FRICS -Chairman

2.Mr. K.R. Quist, FRICS -Vice Chairman

3.Mr. E.A. Abban FRICS – Hon. Secretary

4.Mr. M.R.K. Jonas – Member

“On assuming office, the new committee led the meeting to adopt by a unanimous vote, a Resolution by which, a.The new Constitution was promulgated and the autonomous professional body was established under the name “Ghana Institution of Professional Surveyors” and

b.The name was later changed to “Ghana Institution of Surveyors” at the same year, 1969.

The Ghana Institution of Surveyors was established on February 28, 1969 and subsequently inaugurated on August 28, 1970 with the following as the officers:

•Mr. H.R. Sawyerr, Esq, MP, FRICS, FRVA, FIArb, FRSH, FGIS – President

•M.r EA. Abban, sq, FRICS, FGIS – Snr. Vice President

•Mr. K.R. Quist, Esq, FRICS, ASVA, FGIS – Vice President

•Mr. S.A. Bediako, Esq, BSc. ARICS, ARVA, AGIS – Hon. Secretary

•Mr. A.H. Osei, Esq, FRICS, FGIS -Member,” he disclosed.

“The purpose for instituting the Founders Day was to use the opportunity to constantly celebrate, immortalize and pay glowing tribute to two (2) category of members,

  1. The Pioneers who had the vision, foresight and with unwavering perseverance /determination and brought the Institution into being.
  2. The Fathers and Mothers (latter Day Saints) who watered, nurtured the seed to seedling and fruition.

The Governing Council, under President Edwin Addo-Tawiah, FGhIS has instituted, in addition to the above two visions, two activities to be held on the Founders Day.

1.Founders Day Lecture to be delivered by eminent person or a Past President of the Institution.

  1. The Governing Council and Divisions are expected to use the rest of the day to visit and present gifts to the elderly (Citizens) and our members who are not well.

The Celebration will take the form of a Lecture by an eminent person selected by Governing Council. The programme forms part of the visibility objectives for the 2017/2018 Session of the Governing Council.

As part of the celebration, all Divisions are expected to visit and present gifts to those who have been indisposed for quite a time.

This lecture is the first of its kind and I am hopeful that it will grow and it will become a major converging point for professionals to uphold the ideals which our founding members stood for.” Surv. Addo – Tawiah said.

By:Sammy Adjei/