Anita De Soso

The supremacy of the Supreme Court has come to bear as many politicians who are noted for fomenting trouble in the 2012 election petition hearing have been silenced with the imprisonment of Stephen Atubiga and Ken Kuranchie for making contemptuous comments about the 2012 election petition in court.

It is an undeniable fact that the two General Secretaries of the two main political parties, NDC and NPP have kept quiet upon the arrest and imprisonment of the Managing Editor of the Daily Searchlight newspaper, Ken Kuranchie and a member of the communication team for the ruling NDC, Stephen Atubiga.

The two General Secretaries have rather turned Peace Crusaders who are now educating their supporters to comport themselves in responding to the 2012 election petition hearing as against what they used to say in public to their supporters.

According to the Women?s Organizer of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Madam Anita De Soso, the sudden change of behavior in the General Secretary of NPP, Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie is due to the fact that his name was mentioned at the Supreme Court for allegedly passing contemptuous comments of which the court has not decided on that case.

Speaking on Okay FM she said that the Supreme Court has tamed some rabble-rousers in the country with warnings; commending the Supreme Court for bringing sanctity into the country with the way the court handled those who desire to create civil unrest due to their political parochial interest.

She said that ever since Sir John?s name was called up at the Supreme Court, he has been dead silence with his usual utterances about the proceedings of the court; averring that he (Sir John) goes to court with his medicine in readiness, in case the judges call for his arrest for his past contemptuous utterances which crossed the final warning of the Supreme Court.

She therefore said that the Supreme Court will bring the final verdict on the 2012 election petition hearing of which she believes nothing will happen in the country because the national security system has been strengthened to curtail and arrest any impending situation.

She however advised that the supporters of the party which will emerge victorious in the case to be circumspect in their jubilation but warned that they should desist from teasing which is a recipe for chaos and mayhem; insisting that ?if we win we will celebrate because there is no law which binds us not to celebrate, but we will be careful not to anger the losers?.



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