Justice Senyo Dzamefe C
Justice Senyo Dzamefe C

Mr. Abraham Boakye, President of Ghana Supporters Union (GHANSU) has called on the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA), to consider allocating funds to countries that qualified for the World Cup for the mobilisation of fans to the competition.

Justice Senyo Dzamefe C
Justice Senyo Dzamefe C

According to Mr. Boakye, FIFA has over the years allocated funds to the qualified countries to prepare their teams for the World Cup without taking into consideration the role supporters play in ensuring the qualification of the teams.

He said FIFA will be the larger beneficiary of the strategy if his proposal was given consideration.

Appearing before the Justice Senyo Dzamefe Presidential Commission of Inquiry, on Thursday, he said, supporters make the competition lively and are the targets of various corporate bodies, hence the need to factor them into its budget.

?My Lord, sponsors of the World Cup do so because of the supporters, so it is appropriate FIFA allocate funds to the qualified countries to mobilise fans for the World Cup.”

Mr. Boakye, also proposed the formation of one supporter?s body in Ghana saying the sudden development of numerous supporter?s body was affecting the organisation of fans.

?There is the need for all of us to come under one umbrella to enhance our corporate image with regards to sourcing for funds. Raising two million dollars for competitions will not be a challenge if we are together as one body,? he stated.

Justice Dzamefe commended Mr. Boakye for his suggestions adding that, they shall be factored into their recommendations.



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