The All Progressives Congress (APC) has stated that it’s party’s leadership is looking at all constitutional and legal channels to ensure that justice is done with regards to the controversy surrounding the? governorship election in Anambra State.

APC’s position comes up just as one of the governorship aspirants of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and a constitutional lawyer, Chief Mike Okoye, described the November 16 Anambra gubernatorial election as an aborted process which required no supplementary exercise to salvage it.

In a press statement issued? on Sunday by its Interim National Publicity Secretary, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the APC said that there is enough weighty, compelling and substantial evidence for the electoral umpire INEC to cancel the November 16th governorship election in Anambra, rather than call for the conduct of a ‘supplementary election’ for what is nothing but an irredeemable election.

“‘Our party has provided incontrovertible and more than substantial evidence to show that what took place on November 16th is a parody of election. In spite of the brazen manner in which voters in Anambra State have been robbed of their franchise and the increasingly-apparent colluding stance of INEC, APC appealed to its supporters to remain calm and law abiding, as the leadership of the party will explore all constitutional and legal avenues to ensure that justice is done in this matter, ” it said.

APC stated that in order for Nigerians to understand the absurdity of Jega’s self contradictory stance on the ill-fated election, the party has decided to outline its reasons for demanding the a total cancellation of the caricature election.

”What other evidence can be more substantial than the fact that INEC, in conducting the November 16th election, failed to comply with the provisions of the Electoral Act? What other evidence can be more compelling than the INEC Chairman’s admission of compromise by a top official of the commission? If Jega’s statement that the election fell short of what the commission had expected and prepared for, what else could be more substantial?” it queried.

“Prof Jega’s unforced admission that a senior official of the Commission has been financially induced to compromise the election in the Idemili North Local Government Area which has over 173,000 registered voters. This is really serious because this Local Government is the stronghold of the APC candidate, Senator Chris Ngige, and the fact that in the 2011 Senatorial Election, Senator Chris Ngige scored over 80% of all votes cast in the local government.

“The decision to use the students of the Nnamdi Azikiwe University, in direct violation of INEC guidelines, as Presiding Officers for the election instead of the trained ad hoc staff; and the use of the university’s members of staff as Supervising Presiding Officers even though the running mate of the APGA candidate was until his nomination a professor in the same institution.

“The fact that electoral materials meant for the known strongholds of the APC candidate were deliberately sent to wrong wards or polling units, thereby creating confusion and frustration. By the time the materials were re-directed to the correct areas (if at all), many voters had left in frustration.

“Voters’ registers, especially in known APC strongholds, were tampered with to remove the names of many registered voters, thereby disenfranchising them.
Result sheets were not supplied in many polling booths, especially in known strongholds of the APC.”

The APC further gave reasons to strengthen its call for the cancellation of the election, the party alleged that collation of results was not done at polling booths, units or wards in many election booths and also accused INEC of? allocating only 4,604 agent tags to the party at the late hour despite the fact that the APC sent to INEC the names and pictures of over 6,500 agents, after INEC created an additional 1,903 voting points.
The APC also stated that on on the contrary, the ruling party in the state, APGA, received over 6,500 agent tags from INEC at least 3 days before election.

Again, it said the party’s candidate, Senator Chris Ngige,? had? complained in writing to INEC that the Resident Electoral Commissioner in Anambra State, Prof. Chukwuemeka Onukogu should not be allowed to preside over the November 16th election given his bias and animosity towards him (Ngige). The same Onukogu was the Resident Electoral Commission during the 2011 Anambra Election, during which his bias and animosity showed through when it took the courts to reclaim two house of assembly seats that he (Onukogu) unlawfully took away from the defunct ACN on which platform Ngige contested and subsequently won the election as a Senator.

The party stated that if all the reasons listed above were not considered substantial enough, then one is left with no choice but to conclude that either Prof. Jega is decidedly being naive about the extent and scope of the multi-layer rigging perpetrated under his nose on November 16th or he has chosen to align with election marauders who are acting the larger script of the presidency/PDP.

”Either way, the buck stops on Prof. Jega’s desk and he bears the ultimate responsibility for the failure of the November 16th election. Therefore, he must summon the courage to ameliorate the situation by ordering a fresh election. Failure to do that will mean that he has simply abdicated his responsibility and ruined the people’s confidence in the ability of the commission he heads to remain an unbiased umpire,” it said.

Meanwhile, one the PDP’s governorship aspirants for Anambra governorship race, Chief Mike Okoye said Sunday, having analysed the legal implication of the inconclusive poll, the only option for the resolution of the electoral umpasse is for INEC? to go for a fresh election.

“My view is that there is no issue of cancellation of election. There is nothing to cancel, there is nothing for anyone to go to court to ask for cancellation of election.

“Since INEC has not declared a winner, the issue of cancellation of election does not arise. The election was stalemated by INEC declaring the election result inconclusive. The election is therefore stalemated and aborted, there nothing for INEC to cancel or for the court to cancel.? The election on itself has been aborted and voided.

“INEC erroneously went an officially declared the results of the all the elections for the local government areas and the constituency results and once you declared the result you become fonts officio and election is ended. The commission then has now constitutional powers to organize supplementary vote,” he said.

Reports gathered from a top party source Sunday revealed that the interim national executive will be meeting on Tuesday to consider ways to deal with the Anambra election? crisis.

However, the APC source disclosed that the party leadership is very disposed to pursuing the legal option and that most likely the Tuesday’s meeting will approves measures in that direction.


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