Elder Enoch Ofori Junior
Elder Enoch Ofori Junior

The uprising spate of young people taking their own lives has compelled the head pastor of 7th Day Pentecostal Assemblies head quarted at Esreso in the Ashanti Region, Elder Enoch Ofori Junior, to educate individuals opting for suicide to end their challenges in life.

Elder Enoch Ofori Junior
Elder Enoch Ofori Junior
According Elder Ofori, thou shalt not murder enshrined in (Exodus 20:13), applies to suicide. Life is a gift from God and no one has the right to take his/her own or another’s life.

“The suicidal need to be reminded of the love of God afresh and the hope of salvation He offered through Christ. Self-killing doesn’t end it all, they will have to give an account of their lives to the Creator” he revealed.

The outspoken man of God, further noted that, the urgent need of true Repentance and faith in Christ the son of God, is the only key.

Adding that, the youth of today have totally rejected God the creator. Thus, they have become spiritually and emotionally lost and hunting for fulfilment in frivolities where there is no true satisfaction.

Elder Enoch Ofori Junior at this point, called on other men of God to be circumspect of their calling, not only to preach prosperity but to preache true repentance, obeying the commandments of God, living a righteous life and having faith in Christ Jesus the son of God, in whom all things are made possible.

Elder Ofori further added that, where the world has reached now, there is the need for the people, especially the youths who are our future leaders to hear the real Gospel that, it’s only Jesus who can give rest to their souls.

He at this point, administered a prayer for the whole country, the president and his entire administration, asking for God to bestow onto them his guidance, peace, protection (Jeremiah29:7) and knowledge as stated in (James 1:5).

“Jesus Christ the son of God, is the undying hope and confidence of the faithful” Elder Ofori concluded.

He spoke to News Ghana after Church service at the headquarters at Esreso in Kumasi.

Source : Sammy Adjei /Newsghana.com.gh