The myth surrounding the contracting of diabetes that the intake of sugar causes one to contract it has been demystifies by Dr. Stephen Yeboah Jnr. Chief Executive of Lucky Herbal Clinic at Gomoah Oguaakrom in the Central Region.

Speaking in an interview with The Moment on the causes of the disease, its symptoms and how it could be prevented, the Doctor said the belief by some that the disease could be contracted by people who take in sugary foods has no scientific proof, as there are a lot of diabetic patients who do not prefer sugary substances yet have contracted the diseases.

He however disclosed that excessive intake of fatty food can increase ones risk of contracting the disease because of the high cholesterol level that such foods contain.

He also debunked the notion that the disease is infectious, though he admitted that it is hereditary as it can be traced through ones family line.

He mentioned symptoms like feeling of weakness in the limbs and constant urinating with sugary taste as some of the common signs of the disease.

According to Dr. Yeboah, for one to know his or her state, there is the need for every individual to under go regular check ups, at least every three month.

He pointed out that though diabetes has not been classified as a killer disease, it can cause conditions such as hypertension (high blood pressure), stroke and other related conditions that can cause instant death.

He disclosed that not less than one hundred people visit his clinic with diabetes and its other related diseases, noting that about half of this number is in their prime age.


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