Sudan’s Transitional Military Council has formed a committee to receive the headquarters and assets of the National Congress Party (NCP).

“A committee, entrusted with receiving the headquarters and assets of the NCP, has embarked on its tasks,” Transitional Military Council spokesman Shams-Eddin Kabashi said.


He excluded participation of the NCP, which was led by former President Omar al-Bashir, in the civilian government which will be formed.

He further declared that the council would continue its campaign of arresting all people involved in corruption cases.

He said that the council has decided to review the country’s diplomatic missions abroad, and to relieve Sudan’s Ambassador to the United States Mohamed Attal-Moula Abbas and Sudan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations in Geneva Mustafa Ismail.

Kabashi also excluded the use of force to disperse the sit-in of thousands of protesters in front of the army’s general headquarters in Khartoum. He urged people to help the military council to bring life back to normal. Sudan’s Transitional Military Council is tasked with running the country’s affairs following the ouster of Bashir’s government.


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