Sudan 555
Sudan 555

Sudan’s Minister of Information and Communications Hassan Ismail on Sunday warned against the possibility of a civil war due to the state of political polarization, Sudan’s Ashorooq net reported.

Ismail accused foreign parties, organizations and communities associated with the Sudanese Professionals Association and opposition of collecting large funds to finance the protests in Sudan, the report said.

“The opposition, including the Sudanese Professionals Association (an opposition entity) and their allies in different fronts, have been working on high mobilization for their supporters and the citizens since about 10 days ago,” Ismail was quoted as saying.

He also accused the opposition of rejecting dialogue with the government. He noted that the opposition demands only the overthrow of the government, which is evidence of their rejection to dialogue without provision of visions and ideas.

“The only means to overcome the state of political polarization is to agree on partnership in the political arena, otherwise we will slide to a state of instability, non-recognition of the other and to a civil war,” he said. Since Dec. 19 last year, Sudan has been witnessing mass protests over the deteriorating economic conditions and price hikes of basic commodities.



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