Sudan Darfur clashes kill 16 whilst injuring 9

Tribal clashes that erupted in Sudan's South Darfur State on Sunday have killed 16 people and injured nine more, local authorities said Tuesday.


According to South Darfur State’s security committee, uncontrolled groups attacked Malui and Amoud Aradaiba areas and caused such a large casualty.

Darfur The committee has decided to collect heavy arms from citizens in order to impose the sovereignty of the state, while military reinforcements have been deployed to the area to prevent further escalation.

The authority has vowed to pursue and bring the perpetrators to justice.

Violent clashes erupted on Sunday between Falata and Salamt tribes in Al-Nadheef area of Buram locality in South Darfur state.

The tribal conflict in Sudan’s Darfur region is a nagging concern for the Darfur people, as all efforts have failed so far to end the violence which has greatly affected the social fabric and peaceful co-existence of the region’s groups.

Among the many reasons behind the growing violence in Darfur are the security disorder and the armed movements which facilitate the tribes in easily obtaining weapons, as well as the absence of authority in some parts of the region. Enditem

Source: Xinhua

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