Baro faces a possible death sentence if convicted of defilement.

Law makers under the Parliamentary Forum for Children (UPFC) have demanded that the Turkish sex tourist, Emin Baro, be subjected to the death penalty given the magnitude of the crime he committed.

The legislators, at a press conference held at Parliament on Friday, were dismayed that Baro was given a light sentence which does not reflect the egregious nature of his crimes. Emin Baro admitted to sexually abusing over 50 girls, some of them below ten years of age.

“The children he abused are minors who cannot speak for themselves and we understand according to the law their rights were infringed upon. Whereas we know that this man was re-arrested, we are calling for a heavier punishment so that he is subjected to death penalty,” said Ms Florence Mutyabule, the UPFC chairperson.

She said that Chief Justice should recall Baro’s file to ensure that his case is handled with all the seriousness it deserves.

“We want justice delivered as soon as possible so that those that hope to do the same think twice. If we let this man go unpunished, it will send a signal to the other offenders that they can abuse children’s rights and walk scot-free,” she said.

The MPs join a group of women activists, women lawyers and civil society that have called on the judiciary to institute a heavier punishment against Baro.

Mr Baro entered the country as a tourist six years ago. He pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography under Section 23 of the Computer Misuse Act, 2011, on Tuesday, and was sentenced to two years in prison.

A conviction under that law provides for imprisonment up to 15 years and a fine not exceeding Shs7.2 million or both.
But the Grade One Magistrate, MS Rose Bareebe said in her Tuesday judgment that Mr Baro’s guilty plea had encouraged her to be lenient and sentenced him to two years in jail or a Shs6m fine. Mr Baro paid the fine.

Ms Mutyabule called for the amendment of the Children’s Act to introduce tough punishments for those that abuse children.

“The act should be amended to address child protection. Mostly if the offence is commited, they refer to the Penal Code and the Constitution. Cabinet must bring to Parliament the amendments to the Children’s Act,” she said.

The MPs now want Grade One Magistrate Rose Mary Bareebe, who sentenced Baro to two years in jail or a fine of Shs6 million, and the state attorney, be investigated by the Judicial Service Commission on why they administered a light punishment for such a capital offence.

They are going to seek audience with the President on the matter.

By Mercy Nalugo, Daily Monitor


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