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Nana Ampim Darko being carried shoulder-high

A Cape Coast High Court, presided over by Justice Akwesi Depaah, on Tuesday sentenced a sub-chief at Dunkwa Diaso, Nana Ampim Darko and his Ebusuapanyin, Amgo Mensah, to 21 days imprisonment with hard labour at Ankaful in Cape Coast, for contempt.

Justice Depaah, in his ruling, said an injunction was placed on the two not to install a chief in the area, but they went ahead to do same, resulting in the shooting of one person.

According to the judge, the sentence would serve as a lesson to the chiefs who always disrespect court orders.

It was gathered that the current chief and occupant of the Ahwenie-Asenkye stool of Diaso, Nana Agya Ameyaw II, dragged the two before the High Court.

According to reports, on September 20, 2013, the Regional Police Command had information about the planned installation of Asona chief and queenmother at Daiso, and they were invited before the Police Commander on September 24, 2013.

DAILY GUIDE gathered that the Police Commander, upon a series of investigations and consultation with the president of the Regional House of Chiefs, asked them to postpone the said installation.

Upon an application, the court also placed an injunction on the installation, but this was defied by the contemnors.

During the purported swearing in of the chief, a fight ensued between two factions where one person was shot dead and two arrested.

The two, after the installation, went on radio, bragging that no judge could sentence them for contempt since they knew powerful people who had already spoken to the judge to dismiss the contempt application made against them.

A supplementary affidavit stated that the conduct and actions of the respondents were of such grievous nature that they posed serious threat to the administration of justice and were not only contemptuous of the honourable court but also showed persistent and utter arrogance.

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From Sarah Afful, Cape Coast


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