The debate as to the size of government is rather inappropriate and too early for Ghanaians and stakeholders. We believe strongly that what really matters’ to Ghanaian students is to have a better living standards by way of government delivering on it’s campaign promises.

Its very premature in lambasting the government since its still under formation and the Union wish to call on stakeholders’ to remain calm and reserve all ammunitions for the appropriate time.

We can agree Nana Addo’s administration has come up with so many projects and programmes aimed at bringing about radical transformation that would be felt at every corner of the nation. This naturally calls for the deployment of a lot of resources including human resources with respect to skills, experience and Numbers*.

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Strategically identifying key skills needed to execute the future success of government business. That is why some companies poach employees from other organizations at a huge cost. There are people with some specialities whose skills and experience are urgently needed for specific and Strategic tasks towards speeding up the Ghana project .

Division of labour is highly required for effectiveness and specific tasking. People can be held accountable and responsible for their performance.

As a Union, we have several concerns and what really matter to us are as follows;

1)The unemployed graduate, teachers, nurses and midwifery trainee being employed

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2)Reduction of taxes that will ease the tax burden and encourage us into entrepreneurship hence not relying on government for employment.

3) The needy but brilliant student benefiting from free SHS to be able to further his or her
education at the second cycle.

4)The poor patient being able to access quality
health care at an affordable cost courtesy
NHIS reducing child mortality amongst others

We however, charge the government to check corruption likewise misuse of state funds since that will go a long way to affect the vision of the government.

We wish to state emphatically that we shall never relent on lambasting the government if impacts are not felt by the ordinary Ghanaian.

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There is a clear cut difference between a LEADER and a MANAGER.
Managers maintain the status quo but Leaders adjust to suit the situation at hand.Managers act to the rules and lines set but Leaders take bold decisions and always ready to take responsibility.

Nana Addo has shown leadership by not being afraid to take radical decisions that are necessary to achieve results though appear unpopular and we recommend him as we seek for great results that impacts lives.



Source: Sammy Adjei/


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