The Chinese Students Association of Ghana (CHISAG) has played a positive role in promoting Chinese language learning, spreading Chinese culture and facilitating people-to-people exchanges between China and Ghana since its set up in 2009.

During the launch, students were tested on their level of knowledge in the China-Ghana relations as well as cultures of both countries.

The President of the association Joseph Koba sees the celebration as their way of further encouraging students and Ghanaians at large on the importance of studying the Chinese language and culture because of its immense benefits for learners.

The theme for the 2016 celebration is: ‘Chinese Language, Discovering the new Path to Development’.

“We brought this theme because looking at the Chinese language and economic development they are positively related, that is to say the more you have more people studying Chinese, which means more Chinese investors will be motivated to come to Ghana to operate because they will know that they have translators to work with,” he told Xinhua.

Prices were presented to students who excelled during the quiz competition. Enditem

Source: Xinhua/


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