WTM-07890-jpg_180226Jennifer Aniston may play a stripper in her latest film, ?We?re the Millers,? but that doesn?t mean she?s takin? it all off for a big audience on set.

In fact, when she filmed the movie?s sauciest scene ? where her character, Rose Miller, strips in front of her fake family in order to save them from some evil drug lords ? that family wasn?t even there!

?We didn?t watch her do it ? in the movie was the first time we really saw it,? Emma Roberts, who plays Rose?s fake daughter, Casey Miller, explained to Yahoo! Movies. ?They showed us a little at the monitor on set so we could know what we were watching but it was pretty much a really private set when she did that.?

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The scene doesn?t just feature Aniston kicking off her Keds and shaking it down to her skivvies ? the sequence comes complete with sparks a-flying and a ?Flashdance?-style shower. There?s even a booty slap (even if it is covered in lace boyshorts).

?We didn?t see it fully put together until we saw the movie and then we were like, ?Oh my god, that was so awesome,?? Roberts admitted.

Aniston in ?We?re the Millers? (Warner Bros.)

Aniston is known for trying to keep the crowds on set to a minimum for intimate or revealing scenes. She also kept a closed set while shooting lingerie scenes in ?Horrible Bosses? and famously urged everyone off set except for the cameraman while shooting a nude scene in ?The Break-Up.?

For her, there?s clearly a difference between millions of anonymous eyeballs watching her on a big screen and a small crew staring in the flesh.

Another thing Aniston controls when faced with a salacious scene? Her wardrobe.

When asked how much say she had in dressing Rose for those risqu? moments, she told Yahoo! Movies, ?All the say.?

?If it was going to be on my body and I was going to do it, I was going to [have the say],? she continued. ?But I also had the incredible stylists and wardrobe gals that knew where to shop, let?s just say.?

In the movie, Rose agrees to join David Clark (Jason Sudeikis) as he loads his fake family ? also including teenagers Casey (Roberts) and Kenny (Will Poulter) ? into an RV heading for Mexico, where they?re going to pick up two tons of marijuana and smuggle it back to the United States looking like a wholesome American family.

?We?re the Millers? opens in theaters on Wednesday, August 7.


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