Striking Drivers arrested for causing nuisance

The Greater Accra Police have arrested a number of commercial drivers who on Monday took the laws into their own hands and blocked some streets to protest new regulations by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA).

The drivers blocked roads at Dome and other parts of Accra, to prevent all vehicles from moving causing mayhem at some point.

The police swiftly moved in to pick them up and ATINKA NEWS has learnt they are being processed for court.

Some drivers had embarked on a demonstration to protest against several controversial directives from the DVLA.

The DVLA wants all drivers to be computer literate before they are issued with licenses. It also wants all commercial vehicles to have seat belts for the safety of passengers.

However, the drivers are of the opinion that the directives are unfair and that, they are likely to be out of job if the directives are adhered to.

The drivers blocked major roads in the area to press home their demands.

Passengers were stranded at the main lorry station as the drivers refused to transport them to their various destinations.

Source: Atinkanews


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