Stream GH is a multimedia mobile application that allows for streaming of content ranging from movies, music videos, infomercials, short clips, listening to latest and old music and last but not the least viewing images from events and other activities. The application gives the consumer enough access to browse through content, stream the content but does not allow for the consumer to download the content.

Benefits to the content owner

Revenue from viewing of content at GHC 0.20 (It could vary based on usage, and movies would be higher)Exposure of content across boundariesUsers always have content sitting in their pocket or bags as long as app is installedOne stop shop for diverse content from one content ownerEach content owner who submits more than 3 content gets a category created in their name

What is required from content owner?

Audio, video, images from event amongst others.


A quick and easy way to access all the latest and best Ghanaian multimedia content anytime you open the app.All your favorite movies (local/foreign), music videos, comedy skits and animation in one place.Get all the latest images of your favorite artistes right here.A quick and easy way for content owners (movie producers, musicians etc) to monetize their works.Churches and Corporate bodies can also set up channels for easy streaming of sermons, adverts etc. to complement existing channels.The app serves as an introduction to International markets.Customized channels for artistes with 3 or more videos on the app.An avenue for producers of television series to serialize the content on mobile and to a larger audience.Event organizers can now boost publicity by uploading their promotional videos here.Audio content can also be launched here instead of giving them out for free.Owners of ?Old School? content/multimedia could also use this platform to enable fans relive the good old days.


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