When it is time to move your home to another location, many people find themselves standing in the middle of a room, surrounded by boxes, papers and miscellaneous junk and wonder, “How did I ever get so much stuff?” Even the most carefully orchestrated move can be hindered by excess belongings, and if you are moving to a place like NYC, it can be even more frustrating, due to the lack of areas in which to store your things. Fortunately, many reliable moving companies also offer storage. New York movers can help you in your time of need in surprising ways.

Rather than throw away the heirlooms or the sentimental items that you feel overwhelmed with during a move, try locating a moving company that also offers storage. New York City is home to over eight million people, and many of these residents need a place to put their belongings in a short term or long term situation.

Rather than run from place to place comparing storage rental prices, choose a moving company that can pack up your things, move them, install them and store what you didn’t have room for. Reduce your headache and your expenses in one fell swoop.

While moving is certainly a good time to look over your things and decide that you really don’t need four extra dressers or forty pairs of shoes, it is not necessary to part with items that you want to keep, even if you really don’t have room for them right now. A moving company can offer storage – New York residents have enjoyed multiple service moving companies for decades and realize the benefits of storing extra furniture or clothing until your life settles back down. Rather than haul fourteen boxes of cookbooks through Long Island, leave them in a secure storage facility instead.

Another added benefit for secure storage – New York is famous for its humid climate, which means that if you have extra belongings, you don’t want to store them in a leaky shed or garage. With almost fifty inches of rain expected each year, it is important to find airtight and quality storage in this area. A moving company that offers storage will treat your belongings like they were their own, and understand that documents, furniture, and other items need to be kept dry and clean. Use a moving company that will offer service, quality storage, and is rated with the Better Business Bureau.  

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