It was a sorrowful Saturday, 28th February 1948, just before noon that Sergeant Adjatey, CPL Attipoe and Private Odartey Lamptey were instantly killed in cold blood during a Christian Borg crossroad shooting. A committee set up to investigate the incident recommended self-governance for the Gold Coast and that subsequently led to the attainment of independence for Ghana.

Yes! It was a significant death. Deaths that can be remembered today with some iota of joy. It was a sacrifice to a known “god”-the “god” of independence and freedom. Today, it?s June 2015 and the whole nation is brimmed with sorrow. Another eventful sacrifice has occurred in the country albeit to an unknown God. Innocent citizens died without dignity. Three days of mourning declared to honour them. The government blames the citizens for being indisciplined and the citizens blame the government for being irresponsible. Yes! As usual, it?s an open argument and it will continue till the clouds start massing in the sky. God is the judge of this debate and He will surely disperse them with another rain.

Death by flood has become an annual sacrifice that we make to an unknown God. You and I need to stand; you and I need to act. Perhaps the talk is too much. The blame game must be over now. We must act as though we died with them. The three days mourning can never bring Emefa, Paul and the over 150 departed souls back. We must do everything possible to avoid such future occurrences. The government must be proactive and we the citizens must be disciplined. Enough of the annual flood sacrifices of innocent souls. It must stop now.

I believe that what self-centered men have torn down, other centered men can build it up. Our attitudes are the little things that will make the big difference. We must rise from the ashes of our political differences and tackle our problems collectively. A Flood doesn’t know NDC or NPP, what it knows is destruction. Let?s put our elbows together even as we put our hearts apart and tackle the flood canker. I strongly believe that floods will never occur in our country again but this will remain a mere wish until we all wake up and do something. Our laws must work now, we the citizens must change our attitudes and the government must be more proactive. I have no doubt that it can be done because if it?s not done, we will be done by another flood.

May the departed souls rest in the bosom of father Abraham in Heaven. ?We are not children of a lesser god? and our God is not dead. It shall be well with Ghana.

Ntenhene Felix

([email protected])



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