Ghana’s afro-pop and hip-hop artist, DaGaow, known in private life as Felix Lambert Dangmaa, has advised colleague Showbiz artists to eschew the “pull him down syndrome” and love one another to promote the music industry.

The artist, in an interview with Ghana News Agency, explained that the Ghanaian music industry was full of pretense, especially between popular and less well known artists.

“The popular artists do not practice the love they preach on stage and on camera. Back stage they do not want to socialize or even allow the less known artists to come closer to them.

“My heart really aches for our music industry because there is no genuine love and it is gradually tainting the image of the industry,” he said.

DaGaow said he spent part of his life in the United Kingdom adding that the situation is very different in the UK as most “A” list artists avail themselves to the upcoming artists.

“I was astonished about the cordial relationship which prevailed between the various artists in the UK. I personally had a lot of commendations for a good performance irrespective of where I came from or my genre of music,” he said.

Using the nomination of Stonebwoy for a BET award as an example, DaGaow, who is also a practicing journalist with the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), expressed dismay about the unenthusiastic attitude towards the reggae dancehall artist’s nomination.

“Had it been in the UK many of his colleagues would have come out publicly and via the media to commend him for this, but in Ghana many are hiding behind the scenes claiming he does not merit the BET nomination,” he said.

DaGaow said Stonebwoy’s nomination put Ghana on a higher pedestal.

“His nomination has the potential to attract investors in all sectors into the country, I believe we should all be proud and pray he wins the award.”

Citing Guru’s example as worthy of emulation, DaGaow maintained that the Lapaz Toyota hit-maker was constantly featuring less well known artists in his songs, which was helping to move the industry forward.

DaGaow, whose new single “Check Point” is currently enjoying massive airplay across the length and breadth of Ghana, said Ghana’s music industry had a lot to offer to the world but without love and respect for each other, the industry will not realise such potential.

The afro-pop song produced by Ronnie Turn Me Up and features Zeal of legendary group VVIP is characterised with a melodious tune and striking hooks cumulating into a very beautiful dance song.