Mamadou Gaye has drawn the ire of many football fans in Africa

By Ameenu Shardow, Port Elizabeth

The ongoing Africa Cup of Nations in South Africa has divided African football fans along country lines but there is one thing that has overwhelmingly united the entire continent about this tournament.

That is the fact that SuperSport?s ?analyst? Mamadou Gaye is a fool who doesn?t deserve to be a teaboy with the South African broadcaster let alone a pundit.

His career as a guru on Supersport has been dominated by bizarre statements and rude bust-ups with the fine and intelligent gentlemen on the African football shows.

Now Gaye struts the street of shame like a peacock on heat convincing himself he is a major player in shaping opinion in African football.

Last week the Ivorian made another repugnant statement that the big African football countries excluding his native Ivory Coast of course are being favoured by CAF because referee are cheating for them to enable them to win the trophy.

Admitted that in this tournament some referees have taken some wrong decisions but that doesn?t mean that CAF has conspired against all the rest of the small countries.

Gaye was referring to big footballing nations like Nigeria, Ghana and Zambia and many others but when he was pressed on why a wrong call was made in favour of the Ivory Coast in the game against Togo he behaved as if it did not happen.

But nothing drives an analyst in football media circles to indignity faster than the promise of a team winning when clearly it is an insurmountable task.

Gaye?s stupidity hit a new low when he went on the floor to do the ?bum hop? by DR Congo goalkeeper Kidiaba in fulfillment of a promise of a prediction that went wrong.

It was nice to see the Supersport presenter hurling Gaye head first into the public?s attention and he looked every bit the startled rabbit caught in the headlights. Even a man on his way to the firing squad!

The disgusting views of this depraved Ivorian have spread continent-wide with many calling for Gaye to be axed from the array of respected analysts on the show.

From the astute ex-Nigeria internal Sunday Olisey, to ex-Bafana Bafana star Shaun Bartlett, Ghana?s Sammy Kuffuor and the many other fine pundits on the show, the effusions of Gaye is threatening the quality of the show and the image of the experts in the show.

Many have wondered why the bosses at Supersport are unable to pull the plug on the clown as it will it leave their judgment of employing him in serious doubt.

But Supersport should make no mistake that people have already made their judgments and it is never too late to lock the clown up in his home so he can play the fool nowhere.

If the SuperSport bosses are unwilling to pull the plug on Gaye they must realise that some of their viewers are taking action and their views are very loud and clear on social media especially Twitter.

?Wouldn?t it be a good idea if we cut the power every time Mamadou Gaye starts talking and restored it when he was done?,? Zesco IT asked on Twitter.

Mwimbu Mwimbu Ngoma also on condemned Gaye by comparing him to the noise of the vuvuzela which is disturbing to the ear.

?The noise you?re hearing during the Ivory Coast vs Tunisia game is not the sound of a vuvuzela. Its Mamadou Gaye!,? he wrote.

Another person said: ?Serves him right, he is a twerp sometimes LOL RT ?@TheGHMediaGuy: Stupid Mamadou Gaye, doing the Kidiaba bum hop!?

Nathan Quao wrote: ?Mamadou Gaye right on Dauda should?ve been sent off but mixes wisdom with the usual wayward thinking. Conspiracy my foot!!!

Lexis Bill was sad over the return of Gaye on his telesion forcing him to write: ?Mamadou Gaye is back. Crap!?

Bupe Kalumba from Zambia added: ?Mamadou Gaye! What an analyst!!! A good Analyst is one who is able to analyse the games with intergrity NOT HATE. ..

Ghana lady Adwoa Yeboah was also angered by Gaye?s comments. She wrote: ?Mamadou Gaye u r a bastard to say Ghanaians cheated Mali to get d 3 points n there?s a conspiracy to favour ghana to the top.?

Deji, a Nigerian tweeted Oliseh?s views of Gaye. ?Show some respect to Nigeria? Sunday Oliseh tells Mamadou Gaye. Hilarious!?

Zambian football fan Brian Tembo hit the nail right on the head when he said: ?Mamadou Gaye shud wash mouth with soap,? implying that the views from the Ivorian analyst is pure poison.

For Supersport it is a mess of their own making. They have handcuffed themselves to Gaye?s coat-tails by employing him and keeping him there means they are about to throw the key away.


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