The Chairman of the National Peace Council Rev. Professor Emmanuel Asante has hit the nail right on the head when he called for immediate action to halt activities of fake mallams engaged in money doubling and other illegalities. Although freedom of religion is guaranteed under the constitution, it is his strong desire that religious practice must be regulated. Dr Asante who is also head of the Methodist Church in Ghana revealed that activities of those Mallam often led to them duping their clients.

He explained that, in the first place, the act of doubling money is illegal, therefore it must not be allowed to persist. The call by Professor Asante had the support of a top Islamic organization in Ghana, Ahlulsunna Wal Jamma who is calling for a meeting of religious bodies and civil society organizations and government agencies concerned to deliberate over the issue. The leader of the organization Hajj Umar Imam condemn the activities of so called Mallams who do not work in line of true Islamic principles.

While considering the illegal acts of the so called Mallams we must not lose sight of some half-baked Christian leaders who are also misleading members of their flock. There are some reverend fathers who promise to pray for their followers to get wealthy in no time but often fail to achieve their aim. Some of these men do pray to heal members of their churches of serious diseases with no success while others like T B Joshua predicting election results such as the one in the US between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and go to the extent of predicting football matches in the name of God also with no success.

The activities of the so called mallams and reverend fathers are often aired on radio and television at midnight and dawn with these men displaying their fake powers derived from God. In discussing the issues regarding the fake mallams and reverend fathers we need to involve owners of radio, television and social media such Ghanaweb and others to help in regulating advertisement and publications in the media regarding them. Another dangerous aspect of these Mallam and reverend fathers is that they have developed into ritualists helping young men involved in cyber-crimes. We often hear of some cyber criminals being asked to lie in coffins at cemeteries to gain powers to go through their work. Not many of them succeed in getting what they desire. Some of them fall ill and die while others go mad.

The dangerous aspect of the work of these fake men of god is that they have succeeded in infiltrating some schools where they have introduced occultism. They do deceive student to adhere to rituals to pass their exams. This method does push students to engage in activities that run counter to Islam and Christianity.

A clinical psychotherapist very reverend father Dr Alphonse Amanor. has called on managements of schools to take bold steps to halt occultism on their campuses. Dr Amanor is a stress management consultant at the Korle Bu teaching hospital, who advised that students must learn to manage their frustrations in order not to do things that are dangerous to their lives. There in Ghana genuine religious leaders in all the religious denominations. Through these men Ghana is making progress in transforming the society for the better. The nation needs to encourage these men and do everything possible to halt activities