The emergence of social media has gone down well the world over on information dissemination through radio and television and newspapers, especially on politics and social affairs. However, of late we are experiencing some controversial news from some news portals regarding the health status and demise of some popular leaders of the world.
Although news about the death of former President Jerry John Rawlings has been wickedly disseminated widely , his office has reacted sharply refuting reports that the former leader is dead.

A letter from Mr. Rawlings’ office on Monday, May 15, cautioned individuals involved in such “reckless and insensitive” publications to desist due to the adverse impact of the false reportage.

The letter further warned that such people are liable for prosecution if identified hence should refrain from engaging in such concocted stories.

Although the news is not true the report on it in the internet forged disgracefully how was rushed to a Korle Bu Hospital ward, publishing his profile that gave his age at 69. The former president who attains the age of 70 on June 22, is still alive and not dead. Before the news on former President Rawlings another news portal pronounced the ailing president of Federal Republic of Nigeria dead. This story also turned out to be untrue at a time when he is undergoing treatment. Instead of being sympathetic to the sick president one wonders why some people wish him dead.

Apart from these two leading figures the wife of former president Kufuor was pronounced dead in the social media. The news went like wild fire but happily it turned out to be untrue. Many leaders like queen Elizabeth of England, president Mugabe was not spared in this intrigues.
All those involved in this write ups do not mean well to humanity. They are not trained journalists to have learnt the rudiments of Journalism which requires one to be truthful. The time has come for all those writing on social media to change their ways for the better. Almost all those involve in social media work belong to one religious organization or the other. Your Imams and reverend fathers would surely not countenance the peddling of lies especially that border on lies about the death of prominent people in society. Please, please, please, all those involved in the social media must move out of this evil deed of forging the death of prominent people. On receiving news on death of prominent people editors must cross check them from the right sources. If not those involved in it are in danger of getting sued for libel with the conse3quences of getting fined heavily or jailed.

By Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai