Willie Obiano
Willie Obiano

WillieSometimes I shudder at how people play with their destiny in the name of toiling with another man?s God-ordained reign.

Why play with one?s communion with GOD! Why play with men of honour in the Holy Land!

It is a man’s prerogative how he chooses to supplicate his God.

There is no standard approach to God written down anywhere.

Even at the Last Supper where Christ taught his disciples how to say the Lord’s Prayer, he did not tell them to first close their eyes.

What?s wrong in a Governor who out of his love for Ndi Anambra, went on his knees and looked up to the Lord, while praying to His Creator.

Or is it unheard of, that a leader with deep attachment to his communion with God could send fervent prayers and ask for God?s guidance while his eyes are open.

We should learn to avoid the wrath of God? Satan could be working through you!

Or should I say that the prayers of all those laughing at or playing with Godhead (or the said pictures), who have in one way or the other prayed in such manner, should not be answered?

I advise you get something more serious than this trash as no man can legislate the approach to prayer for anyone.

It is a matter for personal choice




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