Stone town

Stone town

The CCRZ has been dabbed ?Hifadhi Zanzibar? and is aimed at refurbishing the historical cites and have the town look gorgeous for visitors and residents.

The executive director of Hifadhi Zanzibar, Ms Munira Humud, said the project would be extended to farther areas in the island, and but the first assignment could be started in the Stone Town.

She said the extension to up-country areas was part of a regeneration project for that area, adding that invitation to the public to subscribe to its shares and debentures.

The executive director said the model showed that cultural heritage could be a driving force for development, and while the project takes off potential investors in real estate were encouraged to join with an understanding that heritage constituted an important source of identity and cohesion for communities.

?At present there is very little awareness to understand that it is a precious resource for social and economic development,? she said, adding that feasibility studies for Hifadhi Zanzibar developed by the group had convinced other investors to join.

By ISSA YUSSUF, The New Times


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