Tanzania has some of the best of the Stone Age Olduvai Gorge is the most famous sites. You may think Tanzania safari wildlife watching as almost all of Great Rift Valley and the birthplace of humanity site in Tanzania is one of the oldest geological and archaeological sites on earth. Hadzabe Bushmen in Northern Tanzania is perhaps the most ancient of any living human genetic heritage, they also speak human language is the oldest form. Olduvai Gorge, which is also located in northern Tanzania, you can see some of our deepest ancestral bones should also be calculated to 1.75 million. As the first gear.

That’s why it’s 48km long gorge is known as the “cradle of mankind.” Another major archaeological site is Kondoa-equipment cave drawings. Etched blood, ocher and animal fat, they reflect the concerns and thoughts about the Bushmen in the region 5,000 years ago.

Tanzania Safaris and therefore offers the opportunity to visit our ancestral homeland, puzzle over ancient cave paintings and meet the Hadzabe meanings Bushmen, whose daily life is not that different from the people roaming the Rift Valley millions of years ago.

Cultural experience to enjoy a safari in Tanzania

Talk to anyone who has been to Tanzania and they will tell you that one of the things that they remember most is the local people’s kindness and warmth. During your safari in Tanzania Tanzania, we met many people and will almost certainly consist of friendship along the way. Tanzania’s official language is Swahili, although most people, you agree to language a little English. One of the unique Photoshop Swahili language, that time is started at 6 pm and ends 6pm, 11:00 (English time) 05:00 Swahili time.

When speaking English, and Tanzania will appeal to time in English, but speaking, Swahili, their time will be 6 hours. Local specialties to try to mTOR, which is cooked beef and bananas as well as Mchicha who are into it with meat or fish stew. Most meals will be accompanied by a side dish in Tanzania, called Ugala which is made from corn flour and eaten with your hands. Make sure you try the delicious local food during your safari in Tanzania.

such as the African Club, Safari and hoopoe Naipenda example, there are three charity organizations or companies who use tourism to finance community projects responsibly. Funds raised from tourism go towards building schools, eco-friendly chairs, clinics and child care for young children who would otherwise be left to fend for themselves.

Mosques and bazaars of Stone Town, Tanzania Safari

Stone Town – Zanzibar town and the oldest part of the spice trade center. Stone Town architecture is unique and reflects the range of Moorish, Arabic, Persian, Indian and European, have passed through Zanzibar. If you choose to add your Tanzania Safari Zanzibar, then you will not regret the time to visit Stone Town. The name comes from the fact that most of the city’s buildings were built of coral stone and it gives the city the characteristic pink color.

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