ballmer_450Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer is finally admitting what everyone has been thinking: Microsoft made a huge mistake with the Surface RT tablet.

Last week, the company disclosed that?it lost over $900 million?on the low-selling tablet computer, and during an internal Microsoft event this week, Ballmer?put the disaster into simple, understated terms,?The Verge?and?Neowin?separately reported.

?We built a few more devices than we could sell,? Ballmer reportedly said.

Despite?some good reviews, Microsoft had an extraordinarily difficult time getting the Surface off of shelves, and an overwhelming number of Surface RT tablets have been left unsold. If you break down the $900 million Microsoft lost on the Surface RT, it comes out to about?6 million unsold devices.

Still, Microsoft is?working on the next generation?of the tablet, and internal response to the new device has been positive at Microsoft, Neowin reports.

It?s not just the Surface that has been letting the company down; Microsoft is not selling enough Windows products in general. But Microsoft does have one bright spot: Windows Phone 8?is beating?BlackBerry for the coveted No. 3 spot in the smartphone market.


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