Stephanie Wareing
Stephanie Wareing

Stephanie Waring found watching ‘Hollyoaks’ scenes depicting her character Cindy Longford getting strangled by Dr. Paul Browning “difficult” to watch.


The actress’ alter ego, scheming shop assistant Cindy Longford, is left in fear for her life when murderous medic Paul Browning (Joseph Thompson) turns nasty after she threatens to reveal all about their one night stand to his estranged wife Mercedes (Jennifer Metcalfe).

Stephanie said: “He traps her in this storeroom cupboard then comes at her from behind, puts his hands round her throat and he’s strangling the life out of her.

“I’ve actually watched the scene and it’s terrifying. It was really quite difficult to sit through. Cindy is losing her life and it could all be over for her.”

Prior to the scary scene, Cindy is elated when she firsts catches the eye of Browning.

Stephanie added to All About Soap magazine: “She’s finally bagged herself a doctor! He’s exactly what she’s looking for at that moment in time – he’s good looking, he’s got a few bob, he’s split from Mercedes so Cindy just feels like, ‘Why not?’

“It’s quite amusing for me to play because she has no idea how evil this guy is, and she’s got the mouth on her, thinking Browning has no idea who he’s messing with… Whereas really, it’s the other way round.”


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