GOLDEN ICONS recently hosted an intensive training session themed the Screen Icon Search (SIS) Acting Seminar, with multiple award-winning Actress Stella Damasus (SD). The Seminar included a classroom session, hands-on session with scripts & cameras, and feedback sessions, and it was such an eye-opening and enlightening experience like no other for each participant. This SIS Acting Seminar was brought to you by Golden Icons, Index Two Studios, and Stella Damasus Arts Foundation.


‘SD’, as she is fondly called, did an outstanding job in her delivery of the message, and not only was she a fantastic instructor, but she was also excellent in engaging each and every student in learning the craft of the acting trade. Amazing, Eloquent, Passionate, Entertaining, and very Convincing were the overall testimonials from the seminar participants, and they all said they were nothing short of being ‘Amazed’ at how much they could learn from this Nollywood celebrity. Some of the students actually stated that what they learned in 3 days was a life-changing lesson for them.

One key success factor in becoming a great actor, according to ‘SD’ is always to be “prepared” for whatever role you will be playing. She also said something that makes a lot of sense, but could be confusing to some; This is a para-phrase of what she said: “The moment you see someone “acting” a character, then the person is doing a bad job; it might sound strange, but that is the truth…” She further said “An actor is not supposed to act the character, but rather become the character they are playing; which encompasses the actor understanding and becoming the characters’ whole being, that is the “body, soul, and spirit.”

Daniel Ademinokan, Nollywood’s multiple award-winning Director, also gave a lecture from a director’s point of view, and mentioned during the session that the purpose of this training is to advance the industry, as it must grow bigger and better. In achieving this, one must understand that training is a vital tool for success in any field, which he further illustrated by highlighting what it takes to be a successful professional in other walks of life. According to the Director, again we are para-phrasing “to become a professional in certain fields such as a Banker, Doctor, Lawyer, etc., one has to go to school for a given period of time before you are recognized as having the right skill sets or certifications to practice in that industry. But, the notion that one can just start acting without any formal training is not the best for the industry, as it is often showcased in the quality of the delivery, thereby invariably impacting the overall performance of the actor and film.”


When the students were asked what they thought of the Acting Training Seminar and Stella Damasus as an instructor, here is what they had to say:

Beverly Ukegbu: “Oh it was very informative, and very inspiring; I feel like I got the best lesson that even acting class can’t teach you so.. She is wonderful, I mean.. I’m Amazed, I’m a fan already. So for me to have the opportunity for her to teach me hands-on, I’m just so excited”

SOJ Ojogbo: ?I just use to believe in freestyle, if you are natural, you are natural, but.. It doesn’t work right here men..?

Eugene Nforbinson: ?Oh my God, I think it was great, and I learned so much, and I.. One thing I love about it is she came with something different..?

Bless Brown: ?Amazing!! Amazing!! Seriously, I am so glad that I came..?

Eny Ntuk: ?This class will help me be able to assess an actor..?

Beatrice Nwana: ?I am short of words to describe what I am taking home..?

Edith Pikwa: ?I have gotten a lot of new ideas, I thought we were joking before, but right now.. Maybe going forward, we’re going to see changes.?

Uduak Inwang: ?I have to convince them, you have to make yourself believable in whatever part or roles that you are playing?

Paula Ohazurike: ?Before I came, I thought i knew everything, you know. When I was even talking to Mr Bode about acting, O yea, I know I can do that.. but now I’m like..OK, what’s going on? I’m like lost and….Basically it’s like; I’m trying to walk again.?

Sonia Sessay: ?This was amazing, I’m glad I came… As an upcoming actress, There are some things you do on set that you think.. Ok I?m getting it all.. But trust me..?

Jennifer Iteghete: ?I’m still going to learn tomorrow, and if you are out there, come and learn to. Trust me, you do need this training. Trust me, we all do..?

Endy King: ?WOW!!!, Ahhh… I’m born again, Yea, I’m born again… You know… She is amazing!!! I learnt a lot?

Eno Williams: ?The teacher ‘Stella’, she was very very very infectious, I felt like… I was actually there… the way she expressed herself… even by her adding her own little skills to teaching us… It was very inspiring?

Fontanne Bassey: ?She is amazing!!?

Esther Ekanem: ?I think she is amazing!! She is a great instructor, hmm… I fell like she is kinda like my teacher back in college… yes.. She is really good, she is detailed, she breaks everything down for you, and she makes you feel very comfortable to ask questions.?

Nora Orizi: ?Being in a class with Stella is an amazing thing… You don’t get to see them back. so when you see them in class, you have to respect her opinion and everything.?



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