By Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai

After studying the situation throughout the world, it has now become clear that some dubious people are desperate to make money through all kinds of means. Top among these is cyber crime using subtle means to steal money from unsuspecting people.
emailThe time has come for all people to be on the alert to detect the sweet words coming from cyber criminals unknown to us. Below is a letter from a Good Samaritan from Uganda advising all people to watch out for scammers who want to steal your money.

According to the Good Samaritan from Uganda one of the modus operandi of the criminals is:

Hacking into the email address of someone through which they would send messages asking for help. It?s our brothers and sisters in Nigeria who started this game and now everyone is on the roll. I understand that after Nigeria was eliminated from the world cup the Nigerian goalkeeper was said to have personally offered to refund all the expenses of fans that traveled to South Africa and said he just needed their bank details and pin numbers to complete the transaction. You need to know that, this is a typical fraudulent email write-up. This is the work of a fraudster working fraudulently on behalf of the goalkeeper. Those who would give their pin numbers could be defrauded. Another popular means of defrauding unsuspecting people is as follows.
”Am currently out of the Country to Ukraine on a business trip but having a little problem here. I tried to make withdrawals from about 5 different Machines but all to no avail and after visiting the banks here I was told it was due to network errors. I am stranded here without any money, so I was wondering if I could get a quick loan of $1,150 USD from you or any amount you can afford if not all. I promise to refund it back immediately I get back home. Let me know if you can help me out so I can instruct you on how to get it sent to me. Await your response”* this is a lie. So after realizing that your email account has been hacked and used in sending fraudulent messages you need to do the following:

Change your password as soon as you notice something weird in your account.
It means somebody is on to you. With technology, anybody can become you instantly!

This piece has been re written to put you on the alert to know how to stay clear from those who can use you to dupe people through cyber crime

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