Participating states are required to pay N100 million annually to access the World Bank grants on community and social development. | By Tony Tamuno

The federal government has expressed displeasure on non-payment of the World Bank-assisted Community and Social Development Programme (CSDP) counterpart funding by some states in the country.

Chukwudi Onuoha, the National Coordinator, Federal Support Unit of CSDP, announced this when he visited some projects sites in Edo State on Monday.

Onuoha urged the state to pay up its counterpart funding, amounting to N300 million from 2010 to date.

CSDP is a community-driven development programme of government to fight poverty.

?It is assisted by the World Bank and co-financed by the federal government and 26 participating states,? he said. ?The participating states are mandated to pay N100 million counterpart funds yearly for the success of the project. We have severally requested that the states should pay up their money and your state had only paid the initial deposit of N100 million in 2009 and there is N300 million areas that is outstanding.

He further stressed that the arrears should be paid in the next one month to address the financial issues in the state and high demands from the communities. ?States like Yobe have paid N400 million; and Kebbi, N300 million,? he said. ?It is very mandatory that there should be a positive response from your state now that we have finished with the re-elections and we have political stability in Edo.?

Responding, Simon Imuekemhe, the Secretary to the Edo Government, said the state government recognised the importance of community service, especially in the areas of water, electricity and empowerment.

?If there is any agency that has touched a large segment of the community in the state, it is the CSDP because they have a large scale of projects that have touched the lives of the people,? he said. ?It is just that budget of this year is almost going to the last quarter now; if we cannot do anything between now and December, I can assure you that between January and March, 2013, we will do something.?

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