Inesfly Africa Limited
Inesfly Africa Limited

Inesfly Africa Limited, a subsidiary of Inesfly Corporation, has launched its state of the art factory in Ghana to produce effective products necessary in fighting vector borne diseases.

Inesfly Africa Limited
products of Inesfly Africa Limited

The opening also saw the launch of Inesfly’s new ground breaking technology and a range of solutions that have been invented, tested and proven highly effective against vectors, including mosquitoes and houseflies that transmit endemic diseases.

Speaking at the launch Mr Michael Sjodin, Chief Executive Officer, Inesfly Africa, said the company was established in Ghana in order to bring effective innovative and long-term vector control to people living in areas affected by vector borne diseases.

“And as the first production plant in Ghana, some of our products are floor cleaners, exterior paints and insecticides paints that are highly effective against vectors like mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants and houseflies which transmit diseases like dengue fever, sleeping sickness, cholera and malaria,” he said.

Mr Sjodin said the Inesfly technology which was developed by its founder and renowned scientist, Dr Pilar Mateo, consists of micro-encapsulation that allows insecticides to be released in a gradual manner, thereby prolonging the efficiency and reducing the toxicity of the active ingredients making it completely safe for human, pets and other animals.

“The products are further fortified by the inclusion of insect growth regulators which prevent insects from fully developing and reproducing,” he said.

Mr Sjodin said in the agriculture sector, where productivity was affected by pests and diseases, the products would offer protection to ensure better yields for the farmers.

Mr Narinder Singh, Chief Marketing Officer, Inesfly Africa, said the paints could be applied both in and outdoors and were effective up to two years, they are washable and can withstand harsh weather, making them perfect for tropical climates.

“The floor cleaner we have created is the only one in Ghana that acts as both a detergent and an insecticide and also have a lovely lemon fragrance,” he said.

Mr Singh said Inesfly Africa also produces car and bed bug solutions, insect repellents and Inespalm which controls palm weevils that attacks plants.

Mrs Lois Okudzeto, Director Infanta Malaria Prevention Foundation (IMPF), said malaria requires a national level planning, especially when more children in Africa die from malaria compared to peers in developed countries.

Mrs Okudzeto lauded Inesfly for providing a concrete solution to the world especially Ghana and Africa.

Inesfly Africa Limited was established in Africa in 2013.


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