STAR-Ghana a multi-donor pooled funding mechanism has pumped about GHc4.8 million to support Civil Society Organisations to enhance transparency, fairness, free and peaceful Election 2012.

     “Funded by DFID, DANIDA and EU, STAR-Ghana acknowledges the critical role CSOs and non-state actors play in consolidating democracy hence the support to ensure that the elections are devoid of intimidation and conflicts”, Mr Ibrahim-Tanko Amidu, Programme Manager, told the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Accra.
    Documents made available to the GNA on Monday indicate that STAR-Ghana has so far disbursed a total of GHc4,837,565.75 to 45 CSOs to undertake election related advocacy campaigns across the country, including Ghana Federation of the Disabled which received GHc332,943.00 to organise the participation of all persons with disability in Elections 2012.
    The CSOs include: Ghana Network for Peacebuilding (GHANEP), GHc200,000.00 towards Ghana Alert project to mitigate electoral violence; and Ghana Independent Braodcasters Association (GIBA), GHc200,000.00 for responsible reportage by GIBA members for election 2012.
     Ghana Community Radio Network, GHc200,000.00; Integrated Social Development Centre (ISODEC), GHc200,179.00; Institute of Economic Affairs, GHc301,100.00 Ghana cedis to organize Presidential Debate and set up National Enforcement Bodies; Institute for Democratic Governance (IDEG), GHc200,000.00 Ghana cedis for sustaining credible and peaceful elections and national cohesion in 2012.
    The Ark Foundation, GHc200,000.000 for nuisance project; Media Foundation for West Africa, GHc150,000.00 to use media to promote decent language; National Media Commission, GHc100,000.00 to improve the media regulatory framework for election 2012; and Christian Council of Ghana, GHc120,000.00.
    Others are: Child Rights International, GHc120,000.00 to build political party consensus on education policy; Ghana Journalists Association GHc100,000.00 to use the media to enhance the transparency and credibility of Election 2012; Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council,GHc80,000.00; and Legal Resources Centre, GHc80,000.00.
     The National Catholic Secretariat for Ghana Catholic Bishops’ Conference, GHC150,280.00; Action for Sustainable Development, GHc60,000.00; Ahenbronoso Care Foundation, GHc30,000.00; Alliance for Reproductive Health Rights, GHc60,000.00 Ghana cedis; and Blogging Ghana, GHc100,000.00.
    The Centre for the Promotion of Democratic Governance, GHc65,000.00; Centre for Alternative Development, GHc60,000.00; Center for Environmental Impact Analysis GHc100,000.00; Center for the Development of People, GHc60,000.00 and Chaufra Company limited GHc60,000.00.
     Other STAR-Ghana beneficiaries are: Choice Ghana, GHc70,000.00; Development Gateway International, GHc70,000.00; Drama Network, GHc98,579.00; and Ghana Collaboration – GII, GACC and CDD, GHc120, 000.00.
     Northern Ghana Aid GHc150,000.00; Northern Sector Action on Awareness Centre GHc60,000.00; Pan-African Organisation for Sustainable Development GHc70,000.00; and Partners in Participatory Development, GHc50,000.00.
     Penplusbytes,GHc150,000.00; Skyy Media Group, GHc80,000.00; Society for Youth Policy and Poverty Alleviation, GHc70,000.00; Sustainable Aid through Voluntary Establishment, GHc50,000.00; Voice of People with Disability Ghana, GHc36,280.75 and WACAM, GHc100,000.00.
     West Africa Network for Peacebuilding, GHc100,000.00; Women in Law and Development in Africa, GHc78,204.00; Youth Action on Reproductive Order, GHc40,000.00; Youth Alive, GHc80,000.00 Ghana cedis; and Youth and Women Empowerment, GHc35,000.00.


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