Getting attention from any esteemed Hollywood magazine or newspaper from overseas is non-existing…It hardly happens since those within the Hollywood industry are always in fearless competing themselves for those huge publicity.

Despite the difficulty or non-existence of any oversea talent to grab hot spots in Hollywood Magazines, Ghanaian star Actress Jackie Appiah has managed to find herself on the cover of the prestigeous  Hollywood Weekly Magazine alongside Nigerian Actors-Desmond Elliott, Monalisa Chinda and Joseph Benjamin.

Hollywood Magazine  is located on the iconic Sunset Gower Studios lot in Hollywood and you know what that mean, they have all the inside Hollywood connections and the  best industry stories.

The cover profile of Jackie Appiah and the others is already on Hollywood Weekly’s website and will be published on Apple’s iPad and iPhone over the weekend.

This is what I always say, you do not have to go chasing Hollywood because you will definitely get lost in there. All you have to do is do your best wherever you find yourself and Hollywood will come looking for you…

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