In fulfilment of the UN Declaration for Human Rights of which Ghana has ratified to, GMA on 30th June presented their proposal for improved working condition to government for negotiations. This was done in accordance with Article 23 of UN Human rights and The Constitution of Ghana 1992.
wpid-standogbe.jpgGhana Medical Association (GMA) request came in the midst of numerous agitations and pressure from civil servants such as Judicial Services, Junior Doctors, Ex Military Officials, Nurses and Midwives on government for payment of arrears and improved working conditions.

To the surprise of GMA and concerned citizen, their proposal finds its way to the public domain. Further deliberation has revealed that, Mr Stanley Dogbe, a Presidential Staffer has been sited to be the one who released the proposal into the public domain.

Perhaps, this may be a new directive given by the President to his appointees, if so then we have no case. However, the Judicial Service had a negotiation with the Government on improved working conditions of which their proposal never came to public notice.

Some section of Ghanaians have tagged GMA demands as outrageous and insensitive. With others lamenting them on the basis that the country is in economic woes and as such their demands are uncalled for. This rentless action has brought GMA’s name into this disrepute.

The barbarous action by the Presidential staffer is beyond the conscience of mankind and as well goes contrary to the Constitution. On this note, we call for an immediate communiqu? to condemn Stanley Dogbe’s action;

1.The action of Stanley Dogbe shows clearly a diabolic attempt to incite the public against GMA. This may result in the loss of confidence in our Medical Personnel and as such discourage the youth in venturing into health sector.

2. His action goes contrary to the ‘Oath of Secrecy’ sworn by him before assuming office. On a more serious note, his action shows that Mr Dogbe has no respect for the Constitution of Ghana. Again, it makes him a liar and high sense of dishonesty to Ghanaians. In view of this, Stanley Dogbe doesn’t deserve to be on government payroll and therefore must be condemned.

3. His action is a complete prejudice. Its shows government unwillingness to provide workers with good condition of work. This abrogates the rights of Workers as enshrined in the Act 651 Labour Act; 2003 ‘Every worker has the right to work under satisfactory; safe and healthy condition’.

4. His action poses threat to the state as he is capable of releasing confidential documents to the public domain. Here, state security or defense can be undermined.

5. His act contradicts the Code of Conduct issued by Civil Service under Civil Service Law 1993, section 92(3) and 4 in terms of Transparency and Leadership.

Based on the above reasons, we call for the immediate condemnation of Mr Stanley Dogbe’s action.





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