Stacy Amoateng

After a hiatus from TV, Ghanaian television presenter, Stacy Amoateng is back on screen as co host of Ghana?s Most Beautiful together with Abeiku Santana.

Already some people have started asking why Stacy who was purported to have vowed on Rainbow Radio that she was not going to be on any TV platform again had resurfaced on TV3 screen again. But in a separate chat with Stacy, she revealed to Flex newspaper that she has never said on any platform that she was not going to work with TV3 again.

?I have never revealed on any platform that I am not going to work With TV3 again. What I said was that I was not going to do ?Music Music? again but rather I will be moving on to do other things on TV. I remember the last station I granted interview was Rainbow Radio and they still have the tape so anyone who doubts me can make an effort to go and listen to it,? she said.

Her reasons was that she had been doing ?Music Music? for so many years and thought that it was time for her to rebrand herself and move on with other programmes. To her, responses from her comeback have been great as she keeps receiving calls from her fans and loved ones who are happy to see her back on TV.

As to whether she feels comfortable hosting the show with Abeiku Santana, she said: ?This is not the first time I am hosting a show with Abeiku Santana. I went to Ghana National College with him. We both grew up in Koforidua. There have been lots of events we have emceed together on TV and off TV and from our chemistry you could easily tell that we are a good match,? she stated.

Talking about Showbiz Honors which was supposed to celebrate Stephen Appiah, she specified that showbiz honors is going well and in full flight. ?When you visit our social media platforms, you will realize everything is going well. We are doing free health screening for Hepatitis B in Accra and Kumasi,? she whispered.

She explained that because the event is more of an industrial awards, that?s why they have relaxed in doing extensive publicity but the main event will be coming off before the end of the year, while the 2014 edition will be launched in April next year.

?The main event will happen at Alisa hotel before the end of December. Don?t forget Stephen Appiah is a footballer so we?re looking for a date that all his friends will be on break and can all be part of the memorable celebration,? she concluded.

Source: Flex Newspaper


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