The Department of State Security Services has issued a statement as regards the happenings of Sunday morning.

The spokesperson for the SSS, Marilyn Ogar, has emphasized her earlier assurance that the gunfire at the Yellow House was a jailbreak attempt gone bad.

Varying reports have been made about the incident and while some say that the SSS headquarters was under siege for 4 hours, other reports say the battle raged on for 6 hours.

Below are 10 things you should know about the said attempt according to the SSS spokesperson:

– At 0715 hours, the Service suspect handler went to the detention facility within the Headquarters to feed the suspects.

– One of the suspects attempted to disarm him by hitting him at the back of his head with his handcuff.

– His attempt to escape drew the attention of other guards at the facility who fired some shots to warn and deter others.

– The gun shots attracted the attention of the military with whom we have an understanding of mutual assistance in the event of any threat.

– The Army immediately deployed a team to reinforce our perimeter guards to forestall any external collaborators.

– The situation has since been brought under control.

And from the assurances obtained from Presidential spokesman, Reuben Abati, we understand that the attack has nothing to do with the seat of power, neither was the security of President Goodluck Jonathan threatened.

– What happened at the SSS HQ this morning was an attempted jailbreak which has been effectively foiled. There is no cause for alarm.

– The attack has nothing to do with the Villa. President Jonathan is safe and well.

?And going by eyewitness accounts.

– SSS operatives ?took cover? as soon as the Boko Haram militants went on rampage.

– The men of the Nigerian Army gallantly saved the day by promptly rising to the occasion when it was most needed. Helicopter gunships and Armoured Personnel Carriers (APCs) were immediately deployed to quell the uprising. The militants were neutralised and further escalation was prevented.


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