Considering that almost all women love to makeup, and most importantly given how much horrible makeup I have seen both on and off GhanaCelebrities.Com-on regular folks and our ?prized? celebrities, I have found it imperative to share a few tricks to getting it right. You do not have to look hideous just because you cannot afford a personal stylist.

I must mention though that we all need makeup. Even though many women believe not wearing makeup puts a point across as to how beautiful they are naturally-I will tell you why we need makeup.


It protects your skin from harsh environmental conditions

When we step out, we are exposed to many harsh weather conditions. Your naked skin is prone to all the impurities flying around. These impurities attach themselves directly onto your skin and literally attack your skin. With no protective layer, they will irritate and eventually leave their mark.

It enhances and evens out your natural features

There is beauty in every woman but sometimes that beauty can be hidden under improper personal care. So start loving yourself a little and pamper that face.  Makeup will not make you pretty overnight but the right eyeliner can draw more attention to your gorgeous eyes.


We cannot separate a woman?s emotions from her need to look pretty. From lawyers through to celebrities to cleaners, every woman will choose a pretty look over a not so pretty one.

Makeup giving you confidence does not mean you are emotionally weak.

At least it prevents you from wondering if the person you are talking to is looking at the dark spots or circles on your face so you can focus on more important issues. We all need that boost here and there.

Bear in mind however that what works for lady A, may not work for you or Lady B. So when Lady A wears bright pink lipstick, perhaps you shouldn?t run to the shop for the same tone too quickly.

Your flawless look may just lie in a beige or maroon colored lipstick.

Don?t copy trends without looking in the mirror.

If something doesn?t look good on you, don?t risk the clown look or ridicule?change it, try something else.

Choosing and applying foundation and powder

When you step into a cosmetic shop, be careful not to get overwhelmed by all the different things on the aisles screaming at you.

Look for a foundation that matches your skin tone. The wrong foundation can make an otherwise beautiful woman look like a corpse. This is not your aim.

Let?s use MAC for the sake of explanation

All foundations and powders are assigned a number. It is hard to go in and be able to pick exactly what works for you. But take your time, test and you will find your shade.

The number ranges are many to cater to everybody. If you are dark, you shouldn?t go for light tones. You should be looking at NW instead of looking at NC ranges.

Most MAC shades numbers begin with 15 which is the lightest/palest shade and go up in steps of 5?15, 20, 25, 30 and on. It follows that the highest number is the darkest in that range. There are several ranges which the numbers fall under-

C Cool ? makeup foundation for yellow or olive complexions
NC Neutral Cool ? makeup foundation or golden and beige skin
N Neutral ? makeup foundation for beige skin
NW Neutral Warm ? makeup foundation for pink beige skin
W Warm ? makeup foundation for pinkish skin

Bear in mind that most black women have Beige, Golden Beige or Olive skin tones. Do not go choose makeup meant for pink skin tones!

Like I said, it takes awhile to study and choose what goes with your tone. But the 30 minutes or so is worth getting it right.

This may be the reverse for other makeup lines

It?s always obvious when you wear the wrong shade. People are shocked by the simple look of you even from afar.

And always pick a powder that matches with the foundation you wear. Because mismatched colours all on one face can make you look hideous?Remember the aim is not to be a walking siren but to be beautiful.

Makeup doesn?t end with foundation and powder but it is the basic. I will return with a continuation where we will look at lipsticks, Mascara, false lashes and other enhancers including how to apply all these correctly.

If you have chosen to wear makeup, do it right so nobody gets scared in the process.

In the meantime, since I am not the final authority on makeup, I say, feel free to tailor my ideas to suit your look and the occasion and time of day or night.

You should also feel free to amend or add to my opinion.

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