Top positions to sleep right


The way you sleep can affect your shut-eye time. Here’s why stretching out like a log or curling up like a foetus, can give you sound sleep.

Insomnia, the problem of falling asleep and staying asleep through the night one of the most common problems people face. Extended nights of sleeplessness can have a very adverse effect, with sufferers feeling highly anxious or even depressed, and go through the risk of having diabetes and heart failure.

While folks do a variety of things to battle the syndrome – from taking prescriptions for it, to making dietary changes and trying different exercise regimes – the answer may also lie doing something really simple – like sleeping right! Read on to find out how…

Top positions to sleep in
Experts have come up with the best positions to increase shut-eye. They are:

One of the best sleeping positions is the ‘fetal position’, in which you lie on your side (either side) with the knees drawn up. This is said to aid sleep as it allows air to pass freely through the body and can stop stomach reflux. Downside? It can bring about premature facial wrinkles, say experts.

This one’s quite straightforward. It means sleeping on the side with the back and legs straight and cheek against the pillow – like a log. Make sure the mattress and pillows are firm enough. This is said to be a great all-round position that maintains a neutral spine.

The position where you lie on your back, legs straight out and arms by the side is quite comfortable, but experts say it can also lead to snoring. It’s found that those who sleep in this position are quiet and reserved.

The Yearner position is where one sleeps with his or her head a little off the center of the pillow, with the arms outstretched alongside the pillow and legs slightly bent. It is said to help the back muscles and adopt an optimal position, thus it is highly recommended.

The Starfish position is where one sleeps on his back and spreads both his/her arms and legs out in a five-pointed way. Experts say this is one of the best ways to attain a state of relaxation, as the more the body is outstretched the more it feels loosened up. The yoga position of shavasana comes close to this. The flipside, is this position can encourage snoring.

Other tips for a great night’s sleep:

1. Making a regular sleep time: If you sleep at one am for a few nights and try and rest and 11 pm after that, it won’t work so try and stick to a bedtime schedule.

2. Avoiding stressful activity: Try and avoid all stressful tasks before bedtime, which includes cleaning up the house or even arguing or major discussions with someone. TV can also cause the mind to stay active so it’s best avoided before you retire for the night.

3. Taking a techno break: Don’t log onto the net or chat on social networking sites or platforms. Try reading a book instead.

4. No day napping: Research shows that taking a snap in the day can affect the sleep at night. If you have to rest, just take a 15-minute powernap before three pm.

5. No alcohol: Stop the intake of alcohol and caffeinated beverages at night as they adversely affect a person’s sleep quality. It’s also unwise to smoke at night as nicotine acts as a stimulant.

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