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As far as we are all humans, we are bound to make mistakes. Some mistakes are involuntary whilst some are intentionally made. Mistakes like the usage of the R and L word is a problem that everyone is likely to make. Debolah, D-brack, Crement , Zionferix, terevision and a lot more are names people mistakenly interchange the ?R? and ?L? letter.

Lots of people have attributed the mis-use of these two letters to the people of Kumasi. Saying, whenever a person makes such mistake, he or she must be from Kumasi. OMG!Ghana can say that everyone makes this mistake, so why then blame it on the people of Kumasi?

Yesterday on Diva?s show, Brigdet  Otoo, the host of the show  made such a blatant mistake by  interchanging the ?R? and ?L? word. Instead of correcting herself or better still ignoring her mistake and continue on with her show, she also attributed her mishap to the fact that she just returned from Kumasi.

?I just returned from Kumasi that?s why? she said.

How can you commit such blunder and blame it on the people of Kumasi? Is Kumasi a city where they interchangeably use the ?R? and ?L? word? This is not the first time celebrities tag the people of Kumasi with this. Last two years at the VGMA, Chris Attoh who hosted the show also said same thing when he was calling Trigmatic on stage.

?As our brothers in Kumasi will say trigmatic? emphasizing on the ?T?.

What he meant was, the people of Kumasi will mention the ?T? word but others will ?slang it? (whatever that means). People of Kumasi took to twitter and facebook to show how angry they were of how Brigdet made this expression about them. It?s only fair she acknowledge her blunder issue an apology to the good folks of Kumasi.

Source : OMG!Ghana


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