Flaunting a sexy back seems to be the latest fashion fad, especially with the showbiz babes.

From Karen Igho to Tonto Dike and Tiwa Savage it seems everyone?s keen to show ?sexy backs? these days (or unsexy, in the case of Miss Igho?!)

So we noticed, and went in search of some tips that should help.

Workout for bulge-free back

To get a bulge-free back, tone up your back with weight training and swimming. Unless and until you have a well toned back, you cannot in your wildest dreams think of wearing a backless dress, as you would not want to show the tyres bulging out of a pretty dress. Certain exercises help a lot in getting your waistline as well as your back in the right shape. ?Exercise that involve the movement of arms forward and backward, along with the elbows crossing the back, help in toning your back,? says fitness and Pilates expert, Vesna Jacob.

Focus on the posture

*While your dress is on, stand up straight and do not bend or slouch too much.

*Even when you are seated, you need to sit straight

*Do not walk too fast or run or sit abruptly

Beautiful Body

You need to have a clean, smooth and acne-free back to wear a backless dress,? says Ambika Pillai.

Some shine, Please

Apply an oil free moisturizer on your back during the day so that the skin is soft and supple. Some shimmer powder would do the job of providing the ultimate shine.

?After you?ve worn the dress, spray illuminating powder for a subtle shine. For the dusky ones, apply a bronzer stick bronze powder,? adds Ambika Pillai.

What not to do

*Do not wear a very tight dress. A dress that is too tight will make your skin spill out, making it appear like a bulge

*A loosely fit dress is a big no-no. A loosely fit number will expose more than what you?d have liked to, especially when you sit? you will unintentionally show more skin that you were prepared for. A dress rehearsal at home will work.

*Do not eat a lot of junk before that backless dress day, as too much junk food can lead to acne on your back, which can look very unflattering.

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