With their supportive materials rusting and wearing away; supporting metals shifting from their axis; and in some cases broken into chips as well as their strengths decreasing by the day, Today can report that four major bridges in the Western Region of Ghana are on the verge of collapse.


Travelers and businessmen alike who shuttle between Ghana and Ivory Coast always have their hearts in their mouths anytime they approach any of the bridges en route to their destinations.

Lined up in the Ahanta West and the Ellembelle Districts of the Western Region, crossing the Abura, Ankobra, Azuleluon and Amansure bridges is a great risk drivers and travelers who ply these routes on daily basis before getting to either Accra, Cape Coast, Takoradi or Abidjan and Yamoussoukro take.

Residents in the communities where these bridges are located have also expressed worry over the deplorable state of the bridge and lamented over the failure of authorities in the Region to address the problems.

?During the recent down pour in the Region, some of the bridges were entirely flooded with travelers having to sleep in villages and in buses to wait for the flood waters to subside before they continued their journeys?,? a driver who plies the Accra-Elubo route collaborated.

Residents of Gyabengkrom and Abura where the Abura Bridge is located for instance revealed that the bridge has not seen any form of renovation by engineers since its commissioning some fifty years, so ?we are not shocked that it now poses as a threat to the children who use it to and fro school every day.?

They were however not happy that the District Assembly has chosen not to address their major challenge and instead focused on issues like sponsoring of funerals and workshops which they said have nothing to do with the improvement of the people.

A closer look at parts of this bridge show that the pillars erected to support the bridge are weak and the concrete coatings are breaking off, thus exposing iron rods in the pillars.

Located in the Ellembele District, the Ankobra Bridge that serves as the main route from Ghana to neighbouring countries, such as La Cote d?Ivoire, Liberia Guinea, et al,?is now a death trap for its users, Today can state on authority.

The bridge is gradually collapsing due to severe cracks developing on both the macadam on which vehicles ride and the concrete structure holding it up, which situation portends danger to users.

The precarious state of the bridge is also making it practically difficult for it to serve its other primary purpose of serving as the main connection between the Nzema East Municipality and the Ellembele District.

Pillars standing in the water and supporting it look weak as they are losing their concrete and some of the iron rods in some of them have become exposed.? Some of the pillars have even developed gaping cracks.

Roads in the region have also developed potholes and cracks on their surface along these bridges.

All efforts to reach the director of bridges at the Ghana Highway Authority office in Accra proved futile.


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