The interior Ministry has reviewed  the protracted curfew on the Bimbilla Township from 4:00 pm to 6:00am with immediate effect, following the eruption of gunfire on Thursday afternoon.

The Northern Regional Police Command has since dispatched a team of police officers to quell the sporadic shooting.

Reports indicate that, a number of houses have also been set ablaze.

Citi News’ Aminu Mohammed Alabira reported that, this latest incident of violence in Bimbilla had been triggered by some disagreements between some local rival chiefs.

He indicated that, he could hear gunshots all over Bimbilla Township, and that everybody is indoors except the security personnel.

According to Mohammed Alabira, rumors of the tensions started on Wednesday evening, following a hint that a regent was going to enskin a chief.

But one other faction was against the enskinment of that particular chief.

The District Security Council subsequently met, and there were indications that it wanted the enskinment put on hold.

But later on Thursday afternoon, the tensions escalated, and the gunfire started at 1:00 pm.

There have been sporadic eruptions of violence in Bimbilla since 2014, after a contestant in the longstanding kinship dispute between members of the Gbugmayili gate was assassinated.

Over 10 persons were subsequently killed and several properties damaged, after some butchers broke custom by refusing to offer sacrifices to Yakubu Dasana Andani whose legitimacy they challenged.

By: Delali Adogla-Bessa/


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