The five-day training course is to enable the professionals understand the problem and causes of road crashes and know how best to resolve or prevent them from happening by applying the right methods.

Drivers and Road Safety
Drivers and Road Safety
Mrs May Obiri-Yeboah, Executive Director of the NRSC, said road safety is a shared responsibility due to the broad socio- economic effects, and advocated wider stakeholder collaboration to ensure a sustainable solution.

She said research and statistics indicated that speed is the major cause of road crashes in the country and for this reason the course was organised to enable the professions to better improve their systems and inform their operations.

She said the work of road safety stakeholders interrelates and therefore it as necessary they have them on board during the course so that they could work effectively.

Mrs Obiri-Yeboah urged the stakeholders to learn through the course what other countries have done and customise to suit the local settings as far as road safety is concerned.

Professor Emeritus Fred Wegman, Researcher Delft University of Technology during the training said the course is aimed at training the professionals to do their jobs better and are able to apply what they have acquired during the course in their local settings.

He said all the different component of road systems and networks both in Ghana and Nigeria could be improved through proper traffic management.

Prof Wegman advised the participants not to limit themselves to one cause of crashes but should rather open their minds to other factors and know how to prevent such causes from reoccurring.

“Improving road safety in the country depends on the road technicians and how you adapt it to your condition is what matters.

“This is because there are different situations in all countries and therefore there is the need to know how your systems works and be able to come up with measures that best suits the people”. He added.

The training funded by the World Bank and would be taking participants through topics such as road safety management, risks on roads and road safety interventions.

From January to June, 6,205 road crashes were recorded involving 9,368 vehicles. Total number of casualties stands at 6,336 with 1,034 deaths and 5,302 injuries.

Source: GNA/News Ghana


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