Split PST File Tool Proffers Best Solution for Large PST Management

Many of us have used or using Outlook, the most popular email client by Microsoft. If so, then it is quite possible that you are acquainted with the pros and cons associated with it. If we talk about the factors that makes Outlook such as giant emailing application then following are found:

Provide surplus features for complete work managementInstant emailing application in both online / offline modeHave no complicated attributes that are hard to use or understandExtremely reliable and provide enough space to store items.

Although Outlook has made itself a most adopted email client, it lags in providing the PST file management solutions. Like in case:

What if PST file get large and start hampering Outlook speed or in older version, Outlook size reaches 2 GB leading to PST file corruption.If require to reduce the PST file size or compress the large PST file then deleting data or archiving is the only way left.For multiple PST files, there is not built-in feature provided by the Outlook to merge PST files together into one.Also, there is no direct way in Outlook to extract all email attachments in Outlook at once in spite of downloading them one by one.

The most common issue that almost every Outlook users scared of is getting PST file corrupt.

It is obvious that regular usage of Outlook increases the file size. But in older Outlook versions this size has the limitation of 2 GB only and as the size reaches to this limit, it may get corrupt. However, newer version has Outlook PST file size upto 50 GB but that too does not swipe out the issues. As larger the size of PST file slower will be performance of Outlook.

Split Up Large PST File in Outlook and Resolve the Issue

Recommended way to minimize the size of PST file in Outlook is to break PST file into smaller sections. In this way a single large PST file will get divided into parts without any efforts.

As MS Outlook has no such feature in-built, we provide you a reliable utility i.e. Outlook PST file splitter tool to split PST file. This program helps you to break single PST file into several smaller sections without any hassle. Split PST file tool is one the most prominent utilities available in online market to divide PST file. There are choices available for you to split PST by date, size, year or folder so as to make the management much easier.  

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