Parliament on Thursday approved Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah, as Trade and Industry Minister, but scathed him on his posture and attitude on his appearance before the Appointments Committee.

Spio-GarbrahThe House by a majority vote, okayed the President?s nominee who appeared before the Appointments Committee last month for vetting, but contributions mainly from the Minority side flayed the Minister for supposed lies, arrogance and egocentrism.

Mr Ebo Barton-Odro, First Deputy Speaker and Chairman of the Appointments Committee, in summing up the reason for the approval said: ?Having duly carried out its duty diligently in accordance with the 1992 Constitution and the Standing Orders of the House, the Appointments Committee is satisfied that the nominee is suitable to be appointed to the position to which he has been nominated.

?The Committee therefore recommends to the House ?.. to approve by consensus the nomination of Mr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah for appointment as Minister for Trade and Industry.?

Some members of the Minority, however, berated the Minister impugning that he lied on his age nine years at entering secondary school.

Also they held the Minister to task for castigating the performance ministers of his governing party the National Democratic Congress (NDC) under the administration of the late President John Atta Mills, and calling the team of ministers Team B.

To Mr Dan Botwe, Minority Chief Whip and MP (NPP-Okere), and Mr Osei Kyei-Mensa- Bonsu, Minority Leader, chastised the Minister for not owning up to his team B comment, not being open on his age at entering secondary school, not resigning his position at the African Development Bank before appearing for the vetting and insinuating that some people are holding political office for personal gains.

Mr Kyei-Mensa-Bonsu advised the Minister to learn to be ?truthful? and “candid,” as he heads to the ministry.

To him, the Minister was evasive and less candid with many of his answers when he appeared before the Appointment Committee.

?Certainly one must exhume confidence, but over amplifications of one?s successes or perceived success translates into egocentrism and even arrogance,? Mr Kyei-Mensa-Bonsu, who is also the MP (NPP), for Suame said, and further advised the Minister respect and accommodate dissenting views in portfolio.



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