SpendDown.com is a full service travel agency and its members can take weekend trips or vacations of a lifetime!  SpendDown is the first website geared toward program managers, house managers and other direct care staff who support persons with developmental disabilities, mental illness, physical or intellectual disabilities.  Spend Down offers an online platform that case managers, rep payees and other managers can easily spend down client funds by purchasing non-refundable credits (Points) on the website.  Points cannot be sold, or transferred but remain in an account for clients and consumers to use as they wish in the future.

SpendDown is a specialized travel agency with years of experience working with individuals with various disabilities. Developmentally disabled vacations are our speciality!  You can use your SpendDown Points to purchase travel on our website.  If you want a weekend getaway in a hotel, limo rides, train tickets or tickets to sporting events, SpendDown can make it happen.  Looking for a dream vacation?  SpendDown can price in the cost of staff (who will travel for free) to assist disabled individuals to experience a vacation of their dreams:  imagine visiting the warm waters of Hawaii, or playing the slot machines in Vegas.  Maybe a trip to the coast or a spa getaway with the girls is more your style:  SpendDown can redeem your points to take a tailored vacation to fit your needs!

Spend Down is your source travel agent to put together all of your travel needs for special needs populations.  We are experienced and know the unique challenges facing disabled travelers.  Let us put our decades of experience to work for you.  You tell us where you want to go, and what you want to do – and we will put together a vacation package that fits your needs.  Now, developmentally disabled vacations are a breeze!

SpendDown also provides gift cards to its members and we have a shopping cart system that brings millions of items to ones doorstep.  SpendDown uses Google based shopping technology to provide millions of items.  Now, persons who cannot leave the house, or simply don’t like shopping in a mall or large store can use the internet to shop in the comfort of one’s home.  Spend Down Points are redeemable on our website for products like electronics, house wares, furniture, clothing and more.  No more cumbersome trips across town, when it is time to spend down – shopping is a breeze.  Best of all, you don’t need a credit or debit card to shop with SpendDown.  Just log onto your account, and off you go.

Spend Down is your consolidated source for persons who support individuals with special needs and developmental disabilities;  online shopping, gift cards and a full service travel agency, staffed by people who have decades of experience working with persons with disabilities.  Get ready to take a trip of a lifetime with our special needs vacations for disabled individuals!

Visit www.spenddown.com today to see all the developmentally disabled vacations that we have to offer!

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