Whether you are a holiday or a business traveller to London, you have the right to enjoy the fabulous Sunday mornings. Unlike other places, Sundays are not lazy here in London, you can get the best of time with your family, and friends while on a holiday trip to the capital city. A complete fun filled Sundays can be planned starting afresh in the morning. The fresh air waits for you to come out of your London hotel on a Sunday morning and breathe in some.

Sundays are usually for relaxation and catching up with things for which you have no time in the week. Here is a complete itinerary for your Sunday that will surely turn it into a fun day.

Fresh Mornings:

Those who don’t love morning walks will even fall for it after taking a stroll at the serene Hyde Park.

It is the most obvious choice for tourists those who have come on a relaxation tour. For those who want to simply enjoy the early morning sunshine must sit at the peaceful Kyoto Garden in the Holland Park. If greenery doesn’t appeal you, try a calm walk alongside the river Thames.

If that seems too much effort for a Sunday, the river operates and offer services on a daily basis for those who want to select this.


If it’s not too early to tickle your taste buds, get ready for an appetizing breakfast or indulge yourself in some delicious brunches. Those looking for a British taste can go for classic eggs benedict and Bloody Mary combos at The Breakfast Club in Hoxton and Balans if staying in any of the hotels in Soho.


Those seeking options for Indian brunch, must try a brunch at Dishoom which includes chilli jam Nan rolls, spiced omelettes, sausages and eggs baked on lentil bhaji mash. Karpo, another restaurant opposite to King’s Cross features an American-influenced menu.

Shopping Time:

Sunday mornings are usually great time for shopping, as you will find all busy streets empty. There are number of markets to be visited some of which exclusively operates on Sundays such as Columbia Road Flower Market in the East End area of the capital city. Bargain at the Holloway Car Boot Sale for clothing is quite fascinating.

Pamper Yourself:

Sundays is an opportune day to pamper you whether it means going out for a relaxing swim, for a massage or for spa. K West Spa offers splurge of options including wide range of treatments such as sauna, hydrotherapy pool and snow rooms etc. If these are not your stuff then try exercising at Sunday morning gyms. These are quite quietest on Sundays so you can be lucky for solitary workouts. It is time to peep inside you and get that hidden hobby of your out that might include playing tennis, football, boating or even fishing.

These are some of the things which can turn your Sunday into a fun day.

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