Parliament is to be recalled on September 3, 2012 in order to discuss the re-laid Constitutional Instrument (CI) before it.

The call was contained in a notice written to all?parliamentarian. It was signed by the?Speaker of Parliament recalling all Parliamentarians who are on recess to discuss the re-laid Constitutional Instrument.?

Parliamentarians are now expected to report from September 3 to September 28 to discuss the pending Constitutional Instrument 73 which will bring to bear the 45 new constituencies.

According to the notice,?the Speaker, acting in accordance with order 42(3) and the standing orders of the Parliament of Ghana, Right Honorable Justice Joyce Adeline Bamford Addo, ?direct that the Parliament of Ghana, shall notwithstanding anything to the contrary be recalled from the recess which commenced on Friday the 17th day of August 2012 to sit for Monday the 3rd day of September 2012 to Friday the 28th day of September 2012 at exactly 10 o?clock in the full noon each day at parliament house Accra, to consider some outstanding and other urgent parliamentary business.

Her letter was dated August 21, 2012.?


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