Deputy Minister-designate for Local Government and Rural Development, John Oti Bless, has been asked by Ghana’s parliament to apologise to the Chief Justice for making disparaging comments about her and the Supreme Court during a radio discussion.

Mr Bless, who is the Member of Parliament for Nkwanta North, was reported to have made scandalous comments about the CJ, Theodora Georgina Wood, on Montie FM, on the same day the Montie 3 – Salifu Maase, aka Mugabe, Godwin Ako Gunn, and Alistair Nelson – made contemptuous statements about the bench which earned them a four-month jail term.

The Speaker of Parliament on Friday said: “One of the last things that I would like is to have this House and the head of another arm of government having problems”.

“I have, therefore, behind the scenes, taken some steps in consultation, which I have discussed with some members of the leadership of the house, to see how this matter can be resolved. As a result of these consultations, it is important that the member of this House that made those statements apologises [to the Chief Justice]”.

Meanwhile, Mr Bless has had his ministerial appointment withheld by parliament even after he was approved by the Appointments Committee of the House.

Source: Ghana/ FM


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