doe adjaho

Speaker Edward Doe Adjaho

The New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament for Kwabre East, Kofi Frimpong, has reminded his colleague Parliamentarians that they do not have to stand up for the Chief Justice whenever she comes to the House for any ceremony.

According to him, MPs make up the legislature ? which is the second arm of government ? while the Chief Justice is the head of the third arm of government, and so MPs do not have to stand on their feet to receive the Chief Justice into the Chamber.

?The only person we have to acknowledge with greater authority is the president whom we have to stand up for when he comes to the House, and that is all,? he stressed.

The MP raised the issue on Wednesday in his contribution to the debate on the State of the Nation Address; and the rest of his colleagues completely agreed with him.

Later in his contribution, the MP expressed worry about the growing number of private universities in the country and called on the National Accreditation Board to do proper due diligence so that there would not be any mushrooming of private universities in the country adding, ?very soon we would have universities under trees if care was not taken.?

He also expressed concern over government?s fading support to basic schools, pointing out that the government is not able to provide basic inputs like chalk to the basic schools.

?I recently visited a basic school in my constituency and saw a teacher using a colour chalk to write on the blackboard and when it got finished he decided to use charcoal as an improvisation,? he said

By Thomas Fosu Jnr


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